World Championships 2024 in Spain !!!

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To all our strong WKF Australian and Oceania member countries,

Champions and our

best referees!








president of WKF ESPAÑA, Juan PINILLA

The whole world will meet after Cairo 2021 , in November 18th to 22nd 2024 in Alicante, Spain and many strong teams from Europe, North America and Latin America, Asia, and Africa will challenge our best Australian & Oceania Champions !

In order to stay at the top of the world rankings,

Australia needs all of our best fighters, male and females

We want to challenge the world!

Full information and updates as always HERE:

Weekend before is the usual World referee Seminar !

At least one of your officials must be there to get WKF license.


I’ll see you all in Spain in November 2024



Juan PINILLA, President


We look forward to working with new experts who would like to represent their country as the new WKF country President.

Interested in working in a large world association? 

Send us a non-binding email with your inquiry!

Malaysia vs PNG on September 15th

Malaysia vs PNG

Our high respected president WKF Papua New Guinea Mr. Stanley NANDEX announce next high class event in Port Moresby!





He is preparing to host few international bouts and title fights in PNG on the 15th  September 2024 in Port Moresby at the Hilton Hotel. 

This is today’s preliminary professional fight card:

World title WKF 75kg K1 between , Jeffrey Daka of PNG vs Chee Lian Kai Malaysia.  (Jeffrey is current Continental and  Intercontinental title champion)

Intercontinental Title 60kg k1 rule between Kaupa Omena PNG vs Chia Zhen Cheng Malaysia. (Kaupa is Currently south Pacific and international champion) 

PNG Kickboxing Federation, president Stanley NANDEX

Intercontinental Title 81kg KB rule between Nelson Samson PNG vs Naavin The Talis Malaysia ( Nelson is also Currently  International title champion )

Continental Title 63,5kg  K1 rule between Thomas Kagili PNG vs Wei Kang Malaysia. (Thomas is current Australian and International champion)

International title 67kg K1 rule  between Bata Kai PNG vs Lucyfur King Malaysia. ( Bata is currently PNG champion)

International title 67kg lowkick rule between Ms Arthur James PNG  vs Ameera Aisyah Malaysia. ( Currently Arthur is current PNG champion

More updates and photos coming soon, – stay tunded !

WKF BOXING / BKFC – new World division

Daniel Z. HIRLAU

Dear sports friends,

On March 1, 2024, a new WKF Division Worldwide began work.

By athletes – for athletes!

The aim is not to compete with existing associations, but rather to complement them with significantly less bureaucracy and fewer annoying, outdated regulations.

In collaboration with all of our 140+ WKF country presidents with the new WKF department “BOXING/BKFC”, we are also internationally networked on 6 continents in over 140 nations.

The Hungarian expert Daniel Z. HIRLAU became world president of the new division since March 1st, 2024.

From now on, ALL BOXERS – women and men – can use our free offer and apply for inclusion in the BOXING World rankings via the FIGHTER PROFILE. Free and non-bureaucratic!

The international WKF license applies to all boxers as well!

BOXING / BKFC title in Austria

For PROFI boxers, a corresponding license and registration in BOXREC is mandatory!

We would be happy to help you with this too. All registrations should be sent directly to the BOXING head office, Mr. Hirlau,

by email:

Anyone with a WKF license and a valid medical certificate is eligible to participate.

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to help you at any time.

contact mail:  Ő beszél magyarul / limba romana / English oder Deutsch

respectfully greetings

Daniel Z. HIRLAU


Master Terry Han unfortunately passed away

Late Master Terry Han passes after living a Legacy Behind. He has suffered by Severe Stroke Attack which he was paralyzed and was admitted at the POMGH for 3 months until his passing on Monday the 8th April 2024 around 630am.

Stanley Nandex, The Headhunter


Master Terry HAN with WKF World president Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER in Port Moresby

Kickboxing sport and the  recognition the country has gained through some of the  best fighter’s known as the Headhunter ‘ Stanley Nandex , Jonathan Tuhu, Rickson Yamo, Katu Arang, Late, Lee Lee Henry Garap, Gabi Yura, John Kwiwa, Mark Sondo, Jeffrey Daka and many more as come from one person to another.

Late Master Terry Han was born on  November 1939 and passed leaving 8 children with 6 grand children.  Late Master Terry Han gained his Martial Arts Skills and was certified back in the 70s when he was a first  young Air-Stuart flying with Airniugini back  in 1975 traveling back and forth in Sydney Australia. Master Terry spent most his time studying Martial in Sydney,  Australia under Master Robert Filton and other Kungfu Masters in Hong Kong in early 80s. Late Master Terry was also among some of PNG Martial Arts legends likes of Master Jamuka Stone,  Sifu Benard Fong, Erick Ukia , Ben Wape, Jack Simons, Fonte Siming, John Cholai and many more.

PNG Kickboxing Federation, president Stanley NANDEX

Late. Master Terry started his Martial Arts School call the PNG Kakufuse Kungfu Martial Arts. A first Papua New Guinean to modified different Martial Arts,  a combination of Kungfu, Karate, Jujitsu and Kempo Arnis. In mid 80s  late Master Terry started his Martial Arts schools in Port  Moresby where he  raised lot of fighters training under him. In 1987 PNG’s Headhunter  Stanley Nandex was first introduced in to his Martial Arts school back in Mt Hagen where his branch was established there. Stanley was guided through his discipline and mentorship until Stanley decided to move on to introduce Kickboxing in 1997.

The transition has aways give preference and credit to Late Master Terry for his courage,  discipline,  purpose and a dream to raise a champion and he has achieved. Today from one champion it has accumulated to 12,000 members in 18 provinces in the country,  50 international fighters with 4x new world champions   1x Intercontinental, 5x international , 4x south Pacific and 30x national champions both male and female.

A legend who has lived as a True Martial Artist and involved most of his time. He was a Chief Judge of the tournaments in Kickboxing both national and international events.  He use to be very  judgemental, fair and honest to his decision working along with his Martial Arts brother and colleague Master Jamuka Stone who is also our chief referee today.

Kickboxing fraternity within and abroad will miss Late Master Terry Han for his unique charracter,  humble and the humility however, sadly has left behind.

We salute, honor and respect his efforts and the  momeries as we are mourning. We also recognizes the anonymous contributions and the impact he has on the lives of everyone.

Not just in the life of Martial Arts but the values and the characteristics that has within the discipline of Martial Arts and promotes the purpose of Godly Principles.

On behalf of the PNG Kickboxing Federation & its affiliated members, The Oceania Region and the  World Kickboxing Federation, we  deeply expressed our sympathy and sorrow to the sons especially Maris, Adam and the immediate families.

 We share this with the love ones and will remember and missed Master Terry Han in the years to come. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Authorized by PNG Kickboxing Federation

PRIOR NOTICE / Vorankündigung / AVIS PRÉALABLE / 事先通知 / Предварительное извещение / preaviso / aviso prévio / पूर्व सूचना


To all our strong WKF member countries World wide,


Champions and our best referees!


The whole world will meet after Cairo 2021 in November 2024 in Spain and many strong teams from


Europe, North America and Latin America, Asia, Africa and of course Australia


will challenge all the best male and female champions to win the crown of world champion !


In order to stay at the top of the world rankings, WKF needs all of our best fighters, women and men!


I’ll see you all in Spain in November 2024


Bienvenido a España!




1964  to  2024 – 60 Years  WKF




Regional Kickboxing championships in PNG

As part of preparing a strong Kickboxing team from Papua New Guinea, its of the Regions in the country are preparing their regional Kickboxing championships to prepare their team for the national championship in June.

Following to several events been all scheduled for the month March, Desert Storm Kickboxing Promotion has taken the initiative to host the Southern Regional Kickboxing Championship on the 3rd March 2024 in Port Moresby at the CIS Training College Hall Bomana, NCD. Promoter Nelson Samson said the event will attract more then 120 fighters both male and female age range from 12yrs and over. The event is scheduled for 3rd March 2024.

PNG Kickboxing Federation is very optimistic in sending a strong Kickboxing Contingent to Spain in November for the WKF world championships. President of the PNG Kickboxing Federation, Mr Stanley Nandex thanked the regional presidents and Promoters for the great initiative to focus on developing the fighters to produce best results for the country.

Mr Nandex said Team PNG will be well prepared after the national championships in June with the plan to camp the selectors for squad training program for the next 3 months in preparation for the world championships.

Nandex said he is also looking forward to meeting other presidents from all around the world during the world congress.

Authorized by PNGKBF.

News from Papua New Guinea

PNG Kickboxing Federation, Chief Stanley Nandex

PNG Kickboxing Federation is preparing for another amateur Kickboxing championships early this year,  bill as the Highlands Regional Kickboxing Championship from the 16th – 17th March 2024.

The event will be held in Wabag town in Enga Province known for the the world’s Largest Pogera Gold Mine  situated in the Highlands part of PNG. 

Seven provinces in the Highlands region are preparing to attend with fighters age from 12 years over both male and female.

This is part of building or a lead up match for the world cup in Spain,  said President Mr Stanley NANDEX.  More then 150 fighters will be taking part in the two days event followed by the main events and grand finals are set for Sunday the 17th of March.
Mr Nandex said, selection towards the world cup will be tough process and only the best of the best both male and female will be selected to represent the country for the world meet. Nandex further elaborated that 4x regional championships have been programed this year with the national championships in June to determine the full team for the world cup.  
He said Team PNG will be looking forward to  team up with  Australia and New Zealand as a strong Oceania team from the Region for the World Championships in Spain
November 11th to 16th

Breaking news from Papua New Guinea!

PNG Kickboxing Federation, Chief Stanley Nandex





The MRDC 28th National Kickboxing championships from 22nd to 23rd  December 2023 at YC Hall Goroka, EHP ended up successfully.

More then 120 fighters both male and female age groups from 12 yrs and over who showcased their skills and talents to secure themselves for Kickboxing World Cup in Spain in November 2024.


President of the PNG Kickboxing Federation, Chief Stanley Nandex said, he was overwhelmed by the attendance particularly the provinces like,  Hela, SHP, Enga, Mt Hagen, Jiwaka, Chimbu, Goroka, Madang,  Lae and NCD for taking part in the two days event. He said the event was part of the final selection after the first selection was done in Port Moresby during the regional championships in June 2023. Nandex said through this selection process,  lot of potential fighters both male and female fighters were identified from four regions to represent the country for the world cup in 2024.

He said PNG has a natural ability and potential in Kickboxing sport which is part our strength to win major international events. Nandex said government should be focusing and investing on sports that has higher potentials like Kickboxing, but  its very unfair that less attention and support has been  given to this date.

PNG Chief Stanley Nandex

He said since the selection is made , the PNG Kickboxing Federation will be working hard to do all the fundraising drive to take the team for the world meet.  He also want to thank MRDC for the sponsorship in hosting the 28th National Kickboxing championships successfully. 

The highlight of Event was to witness the main event between Bata Kai of SHP vs  Joseph Amanah of EHP,   the fight went distance after 3 rounds  and had a draw and extention of one more minute but Amanah could not continue due to injury sustained so the victory went to Bata Kai who  won on TKO.

 In the female main event , International WKF gold Medalist Mainella Kambar was not a visitor representing NCD in 70kg who took on Arthur James of Flame Fight Gym Goroka.  The fight was one of the best highlights of the tournament when YC Hall became on fire and alive  , supporters screening as originally both fighters Mainella represents Simbu and Arthur EHP.  The fight went distance and had a draw in the final round. Arthur who came in very strong with hard punches while Mainella took the fight under control with both combinations of Kick punch but couldn’t resist the power of Arthur who came very strong and won by enormous decision.

In overall Medal-Tally from eight (8) participating clubs and associations,  the 27th National Kickboxing championships title went to Team Simbu with 11 Golds, 4 Silver,  2nd Runner-up went to Team SHP with 10 Golds, 2 silver, 3rd place goes to Team WHP with 6 gold , 2 silver, 4th place went to , Team Morobe with 4 Golds,  2 silver 5th place went to Team Jiwaka with 4 Golds 1 Silver,  6th place went to Team Enga with 3 Golds , 7th Place went to Team Team Hela with 2 Golds 2 silver,  and the 8th place went to NCD with 2 Golds 1 silver.

Nandex said, the announcement of the national selection for the 2024 world cup in Spain in November will be made soon.


Prepared and authorized by  PNGKBF