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PNG Kickboxing Federation, Chief Stanley Nandex





The MRDC 28th National Kickboxing championships from 22nd to 23rd  December 2023 at YC Hall Goroka, EHP ended up successfully.

More then 120 fighters both male and female age groups from 12 yrs and over who showcased their skills and talents to secure themselves for Kickboxing World Cup in Spain in November 2024.


President of the PNG Kickboxing Federation, Chief Stanley Nandex said, he was overwhelmed by the attendance particularly the provinces like,  Hela, SHP, Enga, Mt Hagen, Jiwaka, Chimbu, Goroka, Madang,  Lae and NCD for taking part in the two days event. He said the event was part of the final selection after the first selection was done in Port Moresby during the regional championships in June 2023. Nandex said through this selection process,  lot of potential fighters both male and female fighters were identified from four regions to represent the country for the world cup in 2024.

He said PNG has a natural ability and potential in Kickboxing sport which is part our strength to win major international events. Nandex said government should be focusing and investing on sports that has higher potentials like Kickboxing, but  its very unfair that less attention and support has been  given to this date.

PNG Chief Stanley Nandex

He said since the selection is made , the PNG Kickboxing Federation will be working hard to do all the fundraising drive to take the team for the world meet.  He also want to thank MRDC for the sponsorship in hosting the 28th National Kickboxing championships successfully. 

The highlight of Event was to witness the main event between Bata Kai of SHP vs  Joseph Amanah of EHP,   the fight went distance after 3 rounds  and had a draw and extention of one more minute but Amanah could not continue due to injury sustained so the victory went to Bata Kai who  won on TKO.

 In the female main event , International WKF gold Medalist Mainella Kambar was not a visitor representing NCD in 70kg who took on Arthur James of Flame Fight Gym Goroka.  The fight was one of the best highlights of the tournament when YC Hall became on fire and alive  , supporters screening as originally both fighters Mainella represents Simbu and Arthur EHP.  The fight went distance and had a draw in the final round. Arthur who came in very strong with hard punches while Mainella took the fight under control with both combinations of Kick punch but couldn’t resist the power of Arthur who came very strong and won by enormous decision.

In overall Medal-Tally from eight (8) participating clubs and associations,  the 27th National Kickboxing championships title went to Team Simbu with 11 Golds, 4 Silver,  2nd Runner-up went to Team SHP with 10 Golds, 2 silver, 3rd place goes to Team WHP with 6 gold , 2 silver, 4th place went to , Team Morobe with 4 Golds,  2 silver 5th place went to Team Jiwaka with 4 Golds 1 Silver,  6th place went to Team Enga with 3 Golds , 7th Place went to Team Team Hela with 2 Golds 2 silver,  and the 8th place went to NCD with 2 Golds 1 silver.

Nandex said, the announcement of the national selection for the 2024 world cup in Spain in November will be made soon.


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