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Charles JOYNER new WKF Oceania Champion

Posted by WKF head office on March 31st, 2021

Charles JOYNER, WKF Oceania Champion

Next amazing international World class event in Canberra, Australia. Venue was the famous Hellenic Club of Canberra.

One of the main fights was for the WKF Oceanian title, co-sanctioned by MASA, the local Australian federation.

Weight class was Supercruiser – 91,8 Kg / – 202 lbs.

Two of the Nations Elite, Milos RASTOVIC and Charles JOYNER showed a great real title fight and Joyner won finally by split decission!

With this victory Joyner has worked its way up to number two in the professional WKF world ranking , representing Evolution Gym in NSW.


Rustam ATTAI and World champion Matt STAPLEFORD

Australian pro Champion Matt STAPLEFORD has got an official challenge for his World title from strong promoter KNOCK-OUT SPORT PROMOTION in Austria.

knock-out sport promotion


The date planned today is September 18th – after Corona – and has yet to be confirmed by the world association.

Possible opponent for Matt is Austrian Florian BARTL from Vienna, a tough fighter and well known in Europe.


Florian BARTL, Austria

For the time being, this world title fight is already blocked in the corresponding world rankings, Cruiserweight – 88.2 Kg / 194 lbs.

Any interested Australian TOP promoter can do the re-match in Fall or Spring 2022!

Just contact Mr. Rustam ATTAI, our WKF AUSTRALIA AND OCEANIA  office in Sydney!

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WKF amateur division: PRO-AM is our fourth pro division

Posted by WKF head office on March 27th, 2021

From the beginning in WKF we split very clearly amateur and pro business, in ring sport as well as in PPF and MMA. New is our SANDA & WUSHU division.

WKF PRO-AM continental Champion belt

This is to follow many requests and wishes of our clients , managers and thousands of our fighters from all over the World. Today we are very successfully not only in pro sport but of course in amateur business too.



With great pleasure we want your poster of WKF sanctioned tournaments, with our logo on the poster. We would like to help with online advertising free of charge, of course. Short reports after would be great.

We just want to remind every WKF country president World wide to send fighter profiles of your amateurs or just non-professional male/female fighters in ring sport.We have same system like in other pro sport in WKF.

We offer the chance to fight in all 5 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts. Here are our 5 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more.




Our WKF PRO AM titles has a great value because of our World wide network with today more than 140 member countries you have the chance to fight not only at home.

And no fighter will lose his/her amateur status , he/she can fight still on any tournament, any World Championship World wide. And you can be sure just to face another amateur fighter with perhaps 15 to 20 fights and not real pro with more than 100 fights.

The rules and regulations for PRO AM are easy to understand and waiting for your download.

All you have to do is just send your fighter profile and jpg photos like always and we post your team online in the PRO AM World ranking.

Because: only male/female fight in our PRO AM World ranking are qualified to fight for our WKF titles.

For further requests or interest on any possible PRO AM title fights do not hesitate to send a mail , please.


WKF PRO-AM World Champion belt

Four titles on just one event in Poland

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Rustam Ali ATTAI new WKF K-1 Oceania Champion

Posted by WKF head office on March 26th, 2021

WKF Oceania Champion Rustam Ali ATTAI

WKF AUSTRALIA report about our last Oceania K-1 titlefight in Sydney on April 19th.

TOP Promoter was again Mr. Steve JEZ

and his team JEZ promotion.

This fight night has been dedicated by Jez Promotions to honoring the Founding Father of this Nation, the late Great Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare (1936 – 2021) by a minute silence.

Paul, Gordan and Bernard, the spirit of our late Chief is with you tonight as you take the stage to challenge some of Australia’s finest and best in this sport.

Make him and us the people of PNG proud!

One of the international main fights was for the continental Oceanian Title in  Heavyweight – 96,4 Kg / 212 lbs. 

PNG hero Paul AIARO challenge Australian Rustam Ali ATTAI, since Buenos Aires 2018 WKF amateur World Champion in lowkick rules.

In the final he beat Fabrizio FORNESI from Argentina clear by points.


Congratulations to Rustam Ali Attai for winning this fight by split-decision.

Also well done to Paul Ben Aiaro for putting up a good fight. This fight was important for both warriors and Lady Luck was on the President’s side


Rustam Ali Attai said …

“Had my first fight as an amateur on 7 December 2005.

Finally, more than 15 years later, I will officially begin my career in kickboxing as a professional. Haven’t reached my fighting shape yet & wasn’t expecting to fight next week but I should be okay. The show was likely a sold out event as it was already packed with other good fights so there may not be any tickets left at the door.


to Bernard Temu on the title win last night in the main event, the “Professional South Pacific Light Weight Title”. Your opponent wants it for himself in July 2021 rematch. I am sure you will defend it well and make it your own.

Also congratulations

to Paul and Gordan for their performances last night. It all came down to the final points on the judges score cards. Keep your heads above waters and dont drown in this sea of defeat. Always, be positive for the next and future events in this very unpredictable sport.

Well done team! ” Rustam said!

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World Championships 2020 in Cairo – full invitation here online

Posted by WKF head office on March 20th, 2021

Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER and Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI

World Championships 2020 in Egypt


كل التفاصيل والمعلومات يمكن العثور عليها هنا













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WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX and WKF Australia are moving …

Posted by WKF head office on March 15th, 2021


Stanley “head hunter” NANDEX, PNG legend and idol

WKF head office confirm:

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX moving forward with new promoters and former serious Champions.

For 2020 / 2021 we have already 6 events just in PNG in the online schedule.

If you want to join team WKF PNG contact Mr. Nandex by mail.


If you want to represent your team from Australia and Oceania by the next World Championships 2021 in Egypt contact our WKF head office please


WKF professional World title belt










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To whom it may concern …

Posted by WKF head office on March 11th, 2021

Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president/CEO


In the past several peoples received funny and harassing E-mails or strange postings in social medias from our former member Mr. Robert W. in Perth.

Without our permission he is still using our WKF contacts to pretend to be still member in WKF.


Be carefully!

He is a convicted scammer and braggart, only exists on the internet! He just wants your hard earned money  🙂

We recommend not answering at all and blocking it.


In the meantime, we have filed a lawsuit in Sydney with the court to end this nonsense once and for all.

Anyone who visits and reads our website www.wkfworld.com will find posters of more than 1.200 events World wide in the past 35 years.

WKF World Champion Matt STAPLEFORD

On Friday March 13th 2020, promoter Steve JEZ organized last international “JEZ FIGHT NIGHT” in Sydney.

This was a co-operation with local “MASA – Martial Arts Sport Association , thanks to CEO John N. IOANNOU.


Main fight was for the WKF lowkick World Championship in Crusierweight – 88,2 Kg / 194 lbs

The very experienced and older Chris “the Sniper”  JOHNSON original from New Zealand, challenged the much younger Matt STAPLEFORD. 


After a tough battle in the ring, Stapleford was able to assert himself unexpectedly and was ahead of points in all rounds.

Jessy GONOPA, PNG, K-1 Champion

WKF AUSTRALIA continental director Rustam ATTAI and PNG hero Stanley NANDEX in Sydney

A good body hit by Australian Matt in the third round ended the good fight of two big champions.

New confirmed world Champion Stapleford received the belt from the Australian continental director Rustam ATTAI and guest of honor WKF world president Fritz EXENBERGER.

Immediately after the fight, a title defense was agreed for Mat in Europe. Because of COVID-19, the title fight will take place in summer or autumn 2021.

Austrian Florian BARTL is under negotiation as a possible opponent in Europe.

After COVID-19 situation we will have next great show in Papua New Guinea promoter and former World Champion Mr. Stanley NANDEX.

PNG International Champion Jessy GONOPA fight for the Intercontinental Title vs. 4 times European Champion Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE    (ゴジラ)

Because of this bad and criminal behavior of Robert W. we deleted all his fake Champions from our official World ranking. All his former fighters and Champions feel free to contact our WKF office.





Robert W. resigned first as Secretary General on August 2nd, 2016 (!)

after on the next meeting in Cairo of our board,

Robert W. was fired unanimous in August 2016 by the WKF board of directors !

Just to make it very clear one more time and to avoid any further embarrassing mails again:


Robert W. is NOT MORE MEMBER in WKF since August 2016 !



Because of the dismissal of our former Australian member the General assembly vote for Mr. Hans ROMANOWSKI / Brasil as new WKF General Secretary.

Our high respected WKF AUSTRALIA and OCEANIA director is Mr. Rustam ATTAI in Sydney, current World Champions in Buenos Aires 2018 !

For any requests do not hesitate to contact his office by mail.


Everything should be doubtless and clear now, sorry for the inconvenience !



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Challenge for ANY girl for K-1 fight in Australia and Oceania

Posted by WKF head office on March 8th, 2021









KNOCK-OUT sport promotions in Vienna, Austria, is one of the oldest promoter on the European market, with more than 150 events in 30 Years of experience.

Venue City is Korneuburg close to Vienna, because of corona now postponed to autumn 2021, possible opponent is New Zealand Thai boxing expert Rosie SANDIFORT. Today Sandifort is Nr. 7th in the PRO-AM world rankings.

This fight is scheduled for the WKF Intercontinental title belt ladies Heavyweight + 66Kg / +145 lbs.

This title fight was already planned for autumn 2020 in Austria, but due to the COVID-19 situation, all dates had to be postponed.

Now this fight is to take place in 2021, the negotiations are not yet complete.


To all serious promoter in Australia:


Austrian Alexandra PETRE is today one of best female European Heavyweight + 66Kg / 145 lbs, she want to fight K-1 vs. any Australian girl 5 X 2 as well.

Some of the “Super Champions” of other associations in this women’s heavyweight class avoid the fight, try not to fight Alexandra.

“GODZILLA” is currently number 2 in the WKF PRO-AM world rankings and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable REAL opponents.

Many of the girls are just Internet champions or on Instagram.

Is it because Alexandra is so strong today or because she has 6 KO wins in a row?


Her remarkable fight record in K-1 today is:

13 fights, 11 wins, 6 by KO and only 2 loss


„You are not a Champion if you never have beaten the best European Girl“ … Alexandra said!




Who knows? 😈   This young talented girl is just 18th Years old on the way to her first World title in autumn in Cairo.


Alexandra PETRE is WKF European Champion and currently one of the best fighters in the ladies K-1 heavyweight division in Europe.

Petre is looking for a suitable opponent for a 5 X 2 minute duel. All interested girls have a chance of this fight.

As soon as the situation with the CONVID-19 virus has subsided, she wants to compete against the best heavyweight girl anywhere in the world.

Against any suitable female opponent in Ladies heavyweight + 66 Kg / + 145 lbs!


If you were looking for an opponent for YOUR Girl at YOUR NEXT EVENT, it would be a great fight!

All you have to do is fill out the fighter profile and attach a good 2-3 jpg photo and email it.

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Next TOP event in Papua New Guinea with WKF title fights 2021

Posted by WKF head office on March 7th, 2021

Mr. Stanley NANDEX

Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19

new date after Corona will be

confirmed shortly



WKF Papua New Guinea president

Mr. Stanley NANDEX


confirm the next event with WKF World title


Jeffery “the Iron”  DAKA / PNG 




And first time ever female (!) intercontinental

heavyweight title +66 Kg /145 lbs with PNG Champion


Jessy Gonapa KAIMA / PNG

International Champion







Champion vs. Champion – can´t be much better !

For sure a tough ladies battle for the WKF intercontinental belt!

More updates and fight soon, stay tuned !

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Jeremy Meciaz has just been appointed as President of the WKF for Indonesia.

Posted by WKF head office on March 5th, 2021

Jeremy Meciaz baru saja ditunjuk sebagai Presiden Federasi Kickboxing (WKF) Dunia untuk Indonesia.

ASIATODAY.ID, JAKARTA – Atlet Beladiri Campuran dan juga CEO Predator Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Indonesia, Jeremy MECIAZ baru saja ditunjuk sebagai Presiden Federasi Kickboxing (WKF) Dunia untuk Indonesia.

Jeremy dimandatkan langsung oleh Federasi Kickboxing (WKF) Dunia melalui surat keputusan resmi yang ditandatangani oleh Fritz EXENBERGER selaku Presiden dan CEO WKF World, tertanggal 28 Februari 2021.

Selain WKF INDONESIA, Jeremy juga dipercaya sebagai Presiden Muay Thai Dunia (WMO) untuk Indonesia Oleh Presiden Muay Thai Dunia Ajarn Chinawut Sirisompan

“Kami perlu tegaskan, WKF Indonesia dan WMO Indonesia tidak berada di bawah payung KONI. Kami murni sebagai Perwakilan Federasi Kickboxing Dunia dan Organisasi Muay Thai Dunia untuk Indonesia,” kata Jeremy Meciaz, kepada asiatoday.id, Selasa (2/3/2021).

Usai menerima mandat tersebut, Jeremy Meciaz yang yang juga Ketua Pengda Kickboxing Indonesia (KBI) Cabang Surakarta langsung memaparkan sejumlah agenda strategisnya.

Menurut Jeremy, dalam waktu dekat pada tahun 2022, WKF Indonesia akan membuat Event International Kickboxing Amatir, Pro-Am maupun Profesional. Penyelenggaraan event ini akan bekerja sama dengan Predator MMA Indonesia sebagai penyedia fasilitas, logistik dan media broadcasting.


Jeremy juga menuturkan pembagian kelas yang akan diterapkannya dalam kompetisi WKF Indonesia.

“Untuk WKF Indonesia, dibagi 2 kelas, ring sport dan tatami. Untuk ring sport ada K-1, full contact dan low kick. Tatami ada point fighting,” jelasnya.

Ke depannya, Meciaz berharap dengan adanya WKF Indonesia, Kickboxing dapat berkembang semakin pesat di Indonesia.

“Bagi promotor yang ingin membuat pertandingan Kickboxing, tak lagi harus membawa nama organisasi yang berafiliasi dengan KONI,” imbuhnya.

Sebagai referensi, International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) adalah salah satu organisasi pemberi sanksi profesional tertua dan terbesar untuk kickboxing dan Muay Thai di dunia dan berbasis di Amerika Serikat.

IKF memberikan sanksi dan mengatur semua aspek olahraga ini dari Semi Kontak (IKF Point Kickboxing (IKF / PKB)) hingga Kontak Penuh di tingkat Amatir dan Profesional.

Kantor Pusat Dunia IKF yang berlokasi di Newcastle, California, AS mengawasi lebih dari 2.000 acara IKF setahun di seluruh dunia.

Tujuan dari International Kickboxing Muay Thai Federation adalah untuk mengatur aturan dan regulasi yang aman dan adil serta membantu memberikan eksposur dan peluang untuk kompetisi lokal, regional, nasional dan internasional di antara para petarung Pro dan Amatir Kickboxing dan Muay Thai, pelatih, promotor dan ofisial. (ATN)

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IRC confirm changes in amateur Thai boxing rules

Posted by WKF head office on March 3rd, 2021

Senior officials by the last European Championships 2019: WKF World president Fritz EXENBERGER, George PERGIALIS / Greece, Sijou VAN DER SPEK / Netherlands and Roman LOGISCH / Germany


At the World Congress in Andria 2016, a change of rule was made at the request of several state presidents.

The IRC has adopted the rule change and now it is official since World Championships in Buenos Aires 2018.

The rule changes are:

In the WKF Amateur Thai Boxing is fought with elbows and knees to the head (!).

Therefore elbow protectors are also obligatory.

This means that also “spinning elbows” to head with eye contact are correct.

Jumped knees also to the head is correct !

The fighting time remains unchanged 3 × 2 minutes.


The application for changes to the MMA weight classes has not been granted, it remains as before.

The discipline CADETS in has been cancelled.

You can download the current competition rules as always free of charge from HERE !


Next WKF World Championships are in Cairo !

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